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Toxic Mold Removal|Toxic Mold|Mold Removal|mold remediation|mold testing




Toxic Mold Removal|Toxic Mold|Mold Removal around Wilmington, NC



Black Mold Removal

In response to the growing concern about mold (fungal) contamination and its health-related side effects, Mold Inspections, Inc. (MII), was founded in 2002 as a sister company to Salem Environmental, LLC. MII offers both residential and commercial consultation and project management of black mold removal problems through the following services:

  • Initial site inspection and review
  • Annual multi-family and commercial property inspections and reports
  • Non-engineering consultation for preventing moisture infiltration
  • Bulk material and air quality sampling
  • Recommendations for black mold removal
  • Non-invasive (no demolition) treatment and abatement of mold
  • Project management, monitoring, and clearance sampling of mold abatement projects that require demolition

Experts estimate that over 10% of the general public suffers adverse respiratory effects from toxins produced by mold.

If you notice suspected fungal growth or sense that mold has made your house “sick”, Salem/MII will perform a site inspection at a reasonable price. This inspection consists of visual screening, delineation of ambient air and wood moisture levels, and collection of one mold sample with independent laboratory analysis of that sample to confirm potential concentrations and types of mold. Approximately 5 to 6 business days after sample collection, Salem/MII will submit a report in laymen’s terms to you summarizing the inspection results and, if necessary, any recommendations for abatement. Many times your mold problem can be solved by simple ventilation, HVAC filtration, HEPA cleaning, and dehumidification coupled with inexpensive treatment of the existing fungi with a disinfectant and moldicide application. MII always considers demolition as the last option.

Salem-Environmental, Inc
220 Pennsylvania Avenue Charlotte, N.C. 28216-4158
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Toxic Mold Removal|Toxic Mold|Mold Removal around Wilmington, NC